Monthly Archives: November 2011

Brown sweater

When it comes to cold weather, the only thing that saves me is a good and warm sweater!!! May be that is why I have 24 sweaters:) This loose brown sweater is one of my favorites. I bought it in on-line shop from Korea. It’s comfy, warm and I’m totally in love with it’s destroyed details. Today I had a great opportunity to wear it without any outwear as the weather was incredibly nice in Shanghai!!!!!
Hope ya’ll have a great weekend!!!

My lovely Shanghai… ( edited )

Did I mention that I live in Shanghai??? I do it now!
Did I tell u that I’m in love with this city?? I think I did and I can do it every day, every second!
Shanghai is an amazing city with spectacular views and hundreds of opportunities. It is very social city, where you can meet people from all over the world just walking down Nanjing road, it is a perfect place for shopping and finding your style. It is amazing how you can find and see completely incompatible things. There wasn’t a single second when I regret coming here, really…
So my suggestion to everybody: “Come to Shanghai”!!!! You will find everything you are looking for HERE!!!

Me. Mad hatter.

  I have never been a fan of hats, can’t tell the reason…May be because my face has unusual shape, my cheekbones are wide and my forehead is big, so I try to be very careful with hats, sunglasses and my hair. But when I saw this hat I just fell in love…and here it is. I will definitely use it a lot these days.
 Today I had a great evening walking along beautiful streets of French Concession in Shanghai. It is always thrilling to find some new stores and unseen places here.