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2012 make-up trends: bold lips

   Seems that bright lips will never be out of fashion, just colors and shades change: pinkish, brownish, redish…. I was always a fan of making an accent on the lips, as it can truly change the whole look. We could see bold lips all over 2012 fashion shows. What do you say? Are you ready?



  First of all..NEW IN..At last I got the flats I was craving for last weeks: Marc by Marc Jacobs mouse studded flats. And I must say they are amazing!!! Was so excited walking them today!

   Today I spent a lot of time just walking, the weather was amazing and I just couldn’t resist to go for a long walk. One of the things I love about Shanghai is a perfect mix of past and future.

Jingnan temple with skyscrapers at the background

In some parts of Shanghai it feels like you are somewhere in Europe.

Somewhere on Nanyang rd.

And….didn’t see as many fake Birkins as on the market  today. OMG, there were hundreds of them!!! So, find 10 differences:)

Kristen Stewart by Michelangelo di Battista for Vogue Italia

Kristen Stewart was captured on the pages of Vogue Italy… Can’t really decide if I like this editorial or not. Kristen looks gorgeous..and bored at the same time. I mostly like her as an actress, but not that excited about her as about model. And the reason to that is her incapability to show emotions. So what do you say?