Monthly Archives: May 2012

New in!!!

   The parcel which supposed to be here at the beginning of March, just arrived. Yea, delivering to China is not an easy thing. So, here they are: Prada sunnies and Rebecca Minkoff Mini Mac Clutch. Can’t wait to walk my new purchases! Hope you are all having a great weekend!

Just thoughts out loud: Chanel Cruise 2013 Versailles

   I’m officially confused…This is Chanel!!! CHANEL!!! I was waiting to examine and spend hours over pics of this collection for a long time. And now I even don’t know what to think…To me it seemed like a trashy mix of Middle Ages with Japanese street style and Korean fashion. Of course, who am I to judge THE KARL…but this???????? I realize that I don’t see fashion as art:( I know it’s bad… So, what do you think?


   I Love fashion, I really do!! And I can’t really tell why, it just makes me happy!!! My other big passion is traveling:) I love escaping and exploring new places. Oh My, I had so many great moments, so many amazing countries behind. My first trip after I came to Shanghai was Malaysia…one of the most beautiful countries I’ve ever visited. I’m in love with it’s people, nature…

Then it was Philippines and El Nido where I saw the most beautiful nature ever…

Then is coming Thailand with cuisine I admire the most!!! Thai food, massages and parties..EVERY DAY!!

   And at Laos, this country surprised me a lot, untouched nature, cute and cozy small hotels, fresh bakery in the morning, crafts, culture…everything!!

Style inspiration…fashion bloggers (LaVitaMia)

   I love bloggers who don’t try to look alike, who don’t follow trends and who have their own special style.You know how it happens when you find a new blog or a blogger, fell in love with it/her/him and want to visit that blog again and again. Doesn’t happen often with me…But… This girl from St. Petersburg is just AMAZING. Reading her blog is just like an excursion to the past. She is feminine, tender and her style is so…50’s. You can find her at So…what do you say?