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New vintage dress!

   How come that I became a huge fun of dresses…..I’m still wondering:) I remember couple of years ago it was difficult to ask me to wear something feminine! But I changed so much and now blame it on age:)

   Friday was a really difficult day: I was very busy at work, so managed to take just one picture on the balcony. Later I had a fabulous evening at Morton’s with the perfect view on Shanghai Oriental Pearl tower.
   I was wearing my new vintage dress from Emporium, Charles&Keith wedges during day time and Zara wedges after work! I’m still not a fan of heels at all!!
   Hope you are all having a great weekend!!!!

   Love you all! Thank you for reading my blog!

Keep it simple!!!

   Last week I had a great time visiting my friend at her fabulous place!! Her apartment probably is the best place I’ve ever been to:) We had an amazing tea time! As you already noticed, I’m not a fan of accessories, I don’t like to overwhelm my looks with a lot of details. So….my perfect ripped jeans, simple shirt from Gap, bracelets from India and spike necklace bought in small Chinese shop:)!!! 
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Van Cleef&Arpels exhibition in Shanghai

   The story began in 1896 when Alfred Van Cleef and Charles Arpels founded leading French jewelry and watch company. Since then Van Cleef&Arpels has been capturing minds of thousands of people. Everything they are making are indeed eye-catching!!!
   I was under a great influence of everything seen in MoCA! Guys, seriously, I had goosebumps all over the skin!! It was amazing! So here are my favorite pieces. Enjoy!

The whole sky in my hands!!

   Ok, not literally..and not the whole:) Just a piece of it, which makes me so happy! With the official start of rain season in Shanghai, we have a perfect opportunity to see tones of different umbrellas in the city! I love colorful and funny umbrellas and here is my last purchase – “sky” umbrella!!! What do you say?

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Style inspiration…Elisa Nalin

   Even if you think you don’t know her…you definitely DO!!! I’m sure you’ve seen her a looot of times! Always smiling, always positive and always SO colorful, Elisa Nalin is a great style inspiration for me. It is always great to notice people who do not follow trends blindly, but who have their own personal style! Elisa is one of those people, who you see on the streets or on the photos and will never forget! What do you say?
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