Keep it simple!!!

   Last week I had a great time visiting my friend at her fabulous place!! Her apartment probably is the best place I’ve ever been to:) We had an amazing tea time! As you already noticed, I’m not a fan of accessories, I don’t like to overwhelm my looks with a lot of details. So….my perfect ripped jeans, simple shirt from Gap, bracelets from India and spike necklace bought in small Chinese shop:)!!! 
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14 thoughts on “Keep it simple!!!

  1. Katie

    following you back! i absolutely love your blog 🙂
    what a cute casual outfit – that necklace is really beautiful.

    p.s. always wanted to go to shanghai! would you recommend it?

    – katie

  2. OctoberSong

    i dont like too much jewellery either, it makes me look too fussy!!:-) yours is just perfect though and i love your ripped jeans too.. so cool!
    thanks for following as well!


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