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Inspirational interiors!

   As you understood from the name of this post currently I’m totally obsessed with interiors and interior details. I like to be surrounded with beautiful things, I love to have something inspirational around. I kind of not a fan of today’s interior ideas, I prefer something vintage inspired. These amazing photos are from

Hope you are having a great weekend!

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Veeeeeery busy!

   I had such a crazy day today! I had to go to hundreds of places and meet thousands of people. But what is important everything went well:) I had to look business-y:) Though I don’t feel myself comfortable looking like a business lady, so I decided NOT to. At the end: just a simple black shirt-dress from H&M and Marc Fisher heels completed with bangles from India and one of my essentials – iPad. 

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   Oh My, I’m so thankful to all my readers! 203 readers is already a big success to me. I don’t call it a blog, it is more like my own space in Internet, my own place to share all thoughts and inspirations!

   To thank all my readers I decided to organize a GIVEAWAY. It took me a while to decide what to buy…as I live in Asia, so I want you to get familiar with Asian fashion and designers.
   So here we are: a fabulous necklace from Korea bought at Boutique 205 (I already told you about it HERE)
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Something colorful…

   Just a short post for today. As I already noticed I’m a great fan of bright colors and prints. I love to find rare, unusual things in vintage stores and flea markets. One of my favorite places in Shanghai is fabric market, a place with thousands of kinds of fabrics and prints. You can make there EVERYTHING you want! I fell in love with this silk fabric and decided to make vintage inspired skirt. And….here it is…