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No more summer!!

   I don’t feel like summer at all!!! guys, seriously, I miss spring and I am desperately waiting for autumn. Though according to previous years we will experience summer at least one more month. I want jackets, coats and cool weather. And I guess this is a perfect outfit for warm autumn days: Cacharel blue dress, Christian Louboutin heels and Satchel bag. I really love the mix of blue and beige. I would choose this outfit for pleasant evening walks or Sundays brunches with girls:) Have a great weekend.

My secret garden…

   It is definitely a secret place, simply because it is almost impossible to find it…Lost in the small lane, How Lounge became my perfect get-away from noisy Shanghai. A big and beautiful villa rented by a talented interior designer and used as a cafe/office will make you feel like at home ( with tons of interesting and inspiring ideas for decorating ) . What do you say?

The world of shoes…

   Can you owe too many pairs of shoes???? Can, on the Earth, there ever be enough??? My answer is NO!!! I am definitely a shoes-o-holic!! I love to buy shoes, I love to look at shoes, I love to ENJOY shoes and I really appreciate every single pair I owe and it doesn’t matter how much are they or what brand are they…What do you say???

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Vogue China September 2012

   Another amazing editorial from Chinese Vogue team. Liu Wen, Tian Yi, Xiao Wen, Lindsey Wixson, Daria Strokous & Marie Piovesan Wear Fall’s Seductive Styles for Vogue China September 2012. Are all Chinese Vogue editorials are stunning or I just obsessed?? What do you say?

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Style inspiration… Yasmin Sewell

I’ve seen a lot of her photos during the fashion weeks, but I didn’t know anything about her!!! I decided to correct this mistake. Yasmin Sewell is a fashion consultant and adviser, trend forecaster, but I know her as a person with a perfect personal style. I love that her every outfit is effortlessly perfect, she makes a statement with her each and every look. She is an extraordinary person with so many talents….What do you say?

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