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My space:)

   I think I am a weird person, especially when when it comes to the place where I live. I like to be surrounded my maaany things! I am definitely not a fan of minimalism:) I like to collect beautiful things from different places. So here is a small part of my room with a lantern from Laos, Buddha head from Thailand, my Books and vintage apothecary jars from Shanghai, my necklaces and the favorite photo of me with my granny:)

A goddess…

   She looked like a real goddess during the closing ceremony of Olympic Games in London. Kate Moss is always a dazzling part of every event. The whole ceremony was a very memorable show and the moment where all my favorite models appeared on the stage wearing British designers was really excited. So enjoy, Kate Moss in Alexander McQueen…

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Random Shanghai…like I love it!!

 To me Shanghai is a perfect mix of past, present and future. It is a spectacular city where you can find and see everything.
  The 7th of August…it was such a beautiful and calm day. If I just knew that the next day will be the red alarm before typhoon. Shanghai is such an amazing city and sometimes it seems that it is so Non Chinese, sometimes it feels like walking somewhere in Europe…My lovelies,  enjoy the photos!!!

And the winner is …

   My dears, so…I’m 21 (again:) ) forever 21 :))) And it is typhoon with red alert in Shanghai, so all planned activities were cancelled…I had a very relaxing day and hope I can celebrate on Friday!
   So!!!! My lovelies, thank you so much for following and reading me! It is such a great honor and pleasure to be the small part of your life. And THANK YOU for taking part in my first giveaway.

   And….the winner is…TripsTreasures!!!!!
My dear, CONGRATULATIONS!!!! I will contact you these days to set the details!
   Thank you for being with me all this time!

1 day 2 looks!

   What a busy Sunday I had. But “busy” in the best sense of this word! Amazing brunch with my friend, shopping and visiting newly reopened “Lolo love vintage” and then a little bit of work. For the brunch I was wearing my new dress from a small store and Aldo wedges and for the looooong shopping I chose the most comfortable look ever: denim jumpsuit, Zara flats and Aldo shoulder bag and my favorite mirror sunnies which you already saw IN THIS POST.

Wish you an amazing week!

My dears, you still have couple of days to enter my international giveaway HERE