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My outfit for MARY CHING event

   Being sick is not exactly the way I was supposed to spend last week, but it happens…sometimes…especially when the weather is sooo bad. I’m better now, thanks to the medicine my mommy brought me from back home. 
   And now about positive. In my previous post I already told you about the event I visited last week and here is the outfit that I was wearing:H&M coat, vintage pants, Dolce&Vita heels, sweatshirt and bag was bought in small shops in Shanghai.
   Have a great time my dears!


   This week I had an honor to become a small part of MARY CHING, a luxury shoe and accessories brand. I had a great opportunity to meet Alsion Mary Ching Yeung,she is a genius, who is standing behind the whole idea. Except of being such a talented person, Alison is one of the most positive people I’ve ever met. MARY CHING shop in Shanghai is situated in Ferguson lane, boutique 106. And this place has the craziest design ever! Would you imagine a luxury brand boutique on a fire exit stairs?!?!?!!
   One of the highlights of the evening was Alison’s cute dog Mr. Dimsum:) who was always trying to get our attention!
   Stunning heels, amazing cashmere and leather slippers, ballerinas, travel sets and pashminas… I fell in love with everything. Fabulous design and great quality!
   So if you are in Shanghai, visit Ferguson lane, it is on Wukang road 376, boutique 106

"No winter" inspiration!

   Winter is coming…it is unbelievable….I really wish I could live in a world without this season. With it’s coming people do change, they somehow stop wearing bright colors and they even don’t think bright….and So, the season of greys will soon begin:( That is why my inspirational pics are Not about winter. 
   Bright people and bright clothes is my only inspiration!!!

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Tao Okamoto in Vogue China’s December 2012

   Tao Okamoto is one of my favorite models. There isn’t a single editorial with her that I don’t like. She is a master of transformations. She looks divine in the new beauty editorial on the pages of Vogue China (my favorite).


The Eugenia

   The Eugenia is not just a name, it is a legend. I would definitely call it a legendary Asian hotel. I can name myself a “boutique hotels” person, as boutique hotels have an attitude and it is usually a great pleasure to be a part of that atmosphere. The Eugenia hotel in Bangkok is a unique 19th century villa with amazing artifacts from all over Asia and Europe. This hotel is not just a perfect oasis in noisy streets of Bangkok, it is like a time machine. Highly recommended!!!