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Random Shanghai…

   My favorite Shanghai……these photos were taken just couple of days before going to Thailand. My mom and me were walking in Tianzifang, a really beautiful area, with old houses, a lot of shops and cafes. It is perfect to go there on weekdays in the mornings, when there are almost no people. Those are the only moments you can enjoy everything.

Thailand photo diary

   Thailand i a country I want to visit again and again. The second time I visited Thailand everything was so different. I was familiar with everything, so it was much easier. I fell in love with Bangkok, it is a great city so many places to find. There are so many great small shops and cozy cafes. As I told you before I came back from Bangkok with 6 new vintage dresses. Unfortunately they will have to wait till summer to be shown. So here are couple of photos from Bangkok and HuaHin.
   In the next post I will tell you about the hotels that I stayed..AMAZING PLACES: Lebua at State Hotel and Eugenia Hotel!!

Photo of the day. New pants.

   While getting ready the pictures from my second trip to Thailand, here is a quick post about what I was wearing today. It is getting really cold in Shanghai, but I still have a hope for at least a week of sunny and warm autumn weather. I was wearing my new vintage pants from Bangkok and a sweater from 1000 years ago:)) Have a great week!

I want!!!

   Ok, so I’m officially back from the holidays. Thailand was like heaven and Bangkok really surprised me and became my new shopping paradise. I came back with 6 new vintage dresses!!! And I will definitely go back there again.
   Shanghai met me with a real autumn windy and cold weather. I want summer to never come to an end.
   I missed you a lot! And hope you had a fabulous time!
  I will post the pictures these days, but let me begin with I WANT post! Hope you don’t mind:)

I want
to ride a bicycle

I want
a new and super warm sweater

I want

I want
to be bright

I want 

I want
a new necklace

I want
an autumn with golden leaves (which is never happening in Shanghai)

I want
a road trip

I want
to watch my favorite TV show again. It always makes me smile:)

I want
more flowers in my life

I want

Pics from and