My very first Jo Malone…

   Scents together with images and sounds can make my mood, they define me, they can bring me memories or take me to the future…When I first stepped into Jo Malone store in Kuala Lumpur, it was like a blast: eating berries at my grandmother’s house, enjoying sunrise, smelling flowers, running across the fields. So of course I couldn’t resist and bought my own and very first bottle of “Wild Bluebell” cologne! It took me a while to choose between ” Wild Bluebell”, “English Pear & Freesia” and ” Blackberry & Bay”. If you have an opportunity, try and you won’t regret!

7 thoughts on “My very first Jo Malone…

  1. Rosemary

    I like Jo Malone’s perfumes but I have never smelt her Wild Bluebell cologne. Next time I am passing through the airport I shall make a point of trying it. The wild bluebells in the woods around where I live are beautiful and hopefully it would remind me of them.


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