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On the way home…

I consider it a privilege to live in Shanghai, such an amazing and beloved city! Though sometimes I really miss clear blue sky, there are days when I can’t get enough time outside to enjoy THE SKY! I was lucky to have a camera with me couple of days ago when I was coming back from work. I spent more than 1 hour just standing and looking at the sky… And I’m sure there were people thinking I’m crazy..why on the Earth a girl will stand and just stare at the sky:)

Floral skirt!

Can’t believe this skirt have been in my closet for almost a year…and didn’t wear it! I bought it in one of Korean on-line stores. And I will definitely wear it a lot this summer: bright color, nice fabric and my favorite floral prints!!! And again, another super simple and comfy look completed with Rebecca Minkoff clutch, Zara flats and black top. Actually lately I found myself to be madly in love with Korean clothes, great quality and price!!
Hope you are having a great time!!!!

   From Shanghai with love!

My favorite jewelry designers

   My most favourite, inspirational and influential jewelry designers. Lately I fell in love with Rachel Zoe’s designs, I love her style and now she designs amazing pieces of jewellery. Can’t wait to buy those Onyx Tassel Earrings.

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Li Wei for Fashion Gone Rogue

Li Wei is dazzles in very sensual photo shoot. These photos are totally different from those I usually like: colorful, dynamic, playful…. These photos brings really different emotions though…or my preferences are changing or it is just that I desperately need some changes…

   From Shanghai with love

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