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Strappy autumn!

We still have around one month till the real autumn comes to Shanghai. So I try to enjoy every moment of perfect weather, but planning my autumn closet in advance. Getting ready for autumn includes getting rid of everything that I didn’t wear for the last two seasons, going to tailors and customising clothes I want to change and of course shopping! This season I need some serious shoe shopping. Currently I’m really obsessed with straps: T-straps, ankle straps …..any straps. Now the most difficult part: what to choose??? 




What if…??? (just dreaming)

As every person I like to dream and as every girl (I’m sure) I’m dreaming about shoes, 

bags, accessories, dresses and much more:)So I decided to dedicate this post to my dreams. If I had 1000000 dollars…I would definitely spend at least something for bags…… I’m not really into IT bags, so my choice will be something a little less recognisable, less trendy and more interesting and unique.

  Featuring Chloe, DVF, Emporio Armani, Celine, Coach, Prada, Rebecca Minkoff and more.

   All photos are courtesy of an amazing website

By Retro

 “By Retro” is one of the oldest vintage and second-hand store in Istanbul and it is one of the largest in Europe. I should admit this place is really impressive. It is located on Istiklal avenue, one of the most popular and crowded places in Istanbul, so there will be no difficulties with finding it. I don’t know how many hours I spent there looking through hundreds of vintage items. “By Retro” is a perfect place for someone who is looking for something interesting and not pricey. Leather skirts and shorts, fur jackets, hats, 80’s and 90’s prom dresses, sunglasses, different national costumes, shoes and numerous amount of dresses!!! I usually hunt for vintage pieces because I like fabric or prints the rest can be customised into everything I want:) To me vintage items is a great way to look unique, fresh and certainly not trendy! You can find “By Retro” in the basement of Suriye Pasajı, İstiklal Caddesi 166C.

Here they are – steps to heaven:)



   I am a visual-ist, I like to imagine, I like to dream and I like to be inspired by people, things, events, history. Lately it’s been about retro looks, side braids, bows, midi skirts, feminine looks…..and just simply about being in charge of our own lives, being it’s queens and kings. How simple is it, right?
All photos are courtesy

Kwak Ji Young for Elle Taiwan

 I really like to examine like photographers are depicting big cities in their works. As living in a megalopolis by myself and feeling it’s huge energy I like to see this on photos as well. Another great editorial from Elle Taiwan team is a excellent example how fashion and big city’s spirit are combined. Kwak Ji Young dazzles in Balenciaga, Fendi and Chanel. We should give credits to all the stylists: all outfits are just perfect and not less. What do you say?