Bright autumn

It is still kinda end of summer in Shanghai and I was actually wearing a sleeveless shirt today:) So I do have some time to get ready for autumn, get all my ideas together and do the smart shopping. Usually my autumn looks like this:

My fall colors are all shades of grey, blue and brown. Quiet boring actually! And I really admire people who choose bright colors for autumn, such an eye candy:) This season I decided to change my approach completely and be bright and unpredictable! 
*I’m going to start with a super bright eye-popping sweater which can be used to create so many looks. I got my eye on an amazing bright pink angora jumper from Topshop.
*As I usually stuck with skinny jeans and leggings during cold seasons, this year I want to try pants: cropped, wide leg, straight, ….a lot of styles to play with.
So, I want to be bright and feminine!!!!

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