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I want

These are actually one of my favourite topics for posts. No one cancelled dreaming, right? We still can do it:) And we can keep focusing on making our dreams come true. So here is another post about everything I want at the moment:

1. I want…coffee. Seriously, I became addicted to coffee. And this addictions grows much stronger in autumn/winter period.


2. I want….to be bright. And it definitely will become my New Year’s resolution. Somehow it is soooo difficult to achieve. Every time when I go shopping I still prefer darker colours as they are practical.



3. I want… a midi leather skirt. You just can’t go wrong with it!



4. I want…pink. Yea….it’s not just Barbie colour, turns out paired with right colours and clothes it can look nice (especially in dull and boring winter)!



5. I want…an animal print coat. I want it!!!! I want it no matter what everyone says. I just didn’t find the right one!



6. I want…flare jeans. I actually wish I could wear them every single day. God, they make my legs look divine.



7. I want… a warm laaarge knit scarf. No explanations needed. I just like to stay warm:)



8. I want…a faux fur snood. Madly fell in love with them!



9. I want….an oversized knit. Every time even when I see them I feel warmer:) And you can pair them with so many things!



10. I want…a turtleneck. Haven’t been wearing them since high school. And feel it is time for turtlenecks comeback!!!!

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Ms Min’s new collection

One of my favourite Chinese designers, Liu Min aka Ms. Min, blows my mind away with every collection. She always manages to stay true to simple silhouettes and feminine lines with masculine tone. I love how Liu Min makes her all collections with really noticeable Chinese ethnic vibe. And through everything what she creates we can definitely see designer’s passion for vintage. Her new collection is simple yet sophisticated due to amazing luxurious fabrics, perfect cut and very interesting print which reminded me of peace of art from museum. You can check it out here

XOXO from Shanghai

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Oh God, I’m getting excited like a child when I find some interesting items. This is exactly what I was feeling when I found this ring at Modern&Vintage Fair in Shanghai at the beginning of November . It is a perfect statement ring which will be perfect in casual looks.

Anyway, weekend is coming. We experience better air in Shanghai lately and I can’t be any happier.

Hugs and kisses!!!


Style inspiration….Fashion bloggers

Sophie Eliseeva is one of my favourite fashion bloggers. Love people who can look great and stylish even without all these Chanel jewels, Miu Miu shoes, Alexander Wang bags…. Sophie is one of those people who proves that I’m right.

Accept of being a successful fashion blogger, Sophie is a great TV host and a stylist . She lives in Moscow with her husband and son.

Sophie looks so different from the majority of other fashion bloggers. She doesn’t try to be someone else or follow trends blindly. Sophie’s style is really memorable:  I like how she combines different styles in one outfit and plays with colours. There is something aristocratic about Sophie’s looks, may be because she always looks so polished: from head to toe and it is a real pleasure to follow Sophie’s blog and get inspiration from her looks.

For more information go to

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Definitely Bangkok is one of my favourite shopping destinations. With Chatuchak weekend market, a bunch of great flea markets, numerous vintage shops and cute little stores makes it just perfect. During my last visit to Bangkok I discovered this amazing vintage store “Sugar&Cream”. It has a great selection of vintage dresses, skirts, jackets, pants. All the items are a little more expensive than on flea and vintage markets, but it totally worth it. There are two locations: one is in Terminal 21 and another shop is in Silom Square. I visited both and couldn’t leave without any purchases:) So if you are in Bangkok, you just have to check it out!