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It’s all about summer

Smart people say: “Start planning winter in summer”. For me it works both ways. I’m super excited about upcoming spring and summer so I already started to look for inspiration. This summer will be all about romantic and feminine looks, at least how I plan it to be…bright colours, lightweight good quality fabrics, but also wearable!!!  Next time I will go to fabric market I will definitely bring them these pictures of vintage dresses from The Metropolitan Museum of Art collections.

PicMonkey Collage1111


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A dream I dreamed

I feel a little guilty but I didn’t know Yayoi Kusama before her collaboration with Louis Vuitton which was super bright and crazy:). She is one of the most popular and important contemporary artists nowadays. To me she is known for her dotted masterpieces and today after visiting an exhibition of Yayoi Kusama’s works in MoCA I came a little bit closer to understanding how extraordinary her inner world is. During the time that I spent in MoCA it seemed that I came to a dotted paradise! Amazingly inspirational exhibition and now I’m super obsessed with dots!!!!!!


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Does it happen to you when you buy something and you love it so much, so you will wear it almost every day? Certainly it happens to me! Fell in love with these sunglasses and now are wearing them whenever there is even a tiny sunshine:) Call it an obsession! Last time I walked them couple of weeks ago. Decided to complete look with a skirt I got in Bangkok and a bag from my favourite shop in Shanghai. And by the way, this year is probably the best winter weather I’ve ever experienced!!!


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Shanghai street style chronicles

To me fashion scene in Shanghai is still raw, yet it is already very sophisticated and it has an attitude. When I first came to China more than 5 years ago I was sure there is NO fashion in China, just the desire to copy Korean and Japanese style. Though I was very wrong. Chinese people evolved, became more fashion aware these past years. Now they are more demanding consumers and seek more options for expressing their style. I can’t say that everything that I see on the streets is “eye candy” but I really do enjoy the vibe!!!

But this post is not about fashion in China, it is an ode to the father of Shanghai street style chronicles Roy Zhang. He is a professional photographer, fashion blogger, he is like a window to Shanghai street style. I really do enjoy how Roy is depicting his view on street fashion through the lenses of his camera. Roy is Scott Schuman of China. You can check his photos here:

Here I chose for you my favourite photos from ShanghaiExpress. Enjoy!!!


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