Shanghai street style chronicles

To me fashion scene in Shanghai is still raw, yet it is already very sophisticated and it has an attitude. When I first came to China more than 5 years ago I was sure there is NO fashion in China, just the desire to copy Korean and Japanese style. Though I was very wrong. Chinese people evolved, became more fashion aware these past years. Now they are more demanding consumers and seek more options for expressing their style. I can’t say that everything that I see on the streets is “eye candy” but I really do enjoy the vibe!!!

But this post is not about fashion in China, it is an ode to the father of Shanghai street style chronicles Roy Zhang. He is a professional photographer, fashion blogger, he is like a window to Shanghai street style. I really do enjoy how Roy is depicting his view on street fashion through the lenses of his camera. Roy is Scott Schuman of China. You can check his photos here:

Here I chose for you my favourite photos from ShanghaiExpress. Enjoy!!!



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