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I first found out about Garance Dore from Scott Schuman’s book “Closer”. And “wooooooooow”, I thought….”there is something so remarkable about her” and then of course I started digging. Turns out Garance is a photographer, illustrator, fashion blogger and Scott Schuman’s girlfriend. Garance has collaborated with such brands as Dior, Chloe, Louis Vuitton, J. Crew, Max Mara. You can find more information visiting

Garance is one of the most talented and stylish people in fashion. She doesn’t care about high brands and Garance’s style can be described as laid-back/easy/relaxed/Parisian chic. She can look very cool in a combination of clothes I would never imagine can work on someone else. Garance likes layering, capes and oversized coats.


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Perfect outfit

How strange it is to be obsessed with something that much so you can think about it almost every single day and yet I am. It’s been my dream to go to Paris since …..well, since I remember myself. Walking down those narrow Parisian streets, drinking coffee in a small coffee shop somewhere near Eifel tower, discovering hidden vintage stores, smelling fresh baguettes and croissants in the morning…..I even have dreams about Paris. I’ve imagined for probably hundreds of times how I will get out of the airport and head to one of the boutique hotels..imagined….imagined…imagined…. And I even was dreaming about outfits I would love to wear in Paris (love Polyvore for giving the opportunity to visualise them). The first thing that comes to my mind when I think about Paris is Chanel….those elegant T-strap heels, classic Chanel purse and plus effortlessly chic, romantic, extremely feminine dress (like that one from Balenciaga) would make a perfect outfit for me!!!!


Cici Xiang in Harper’s Bazaar Vietnam

Truly magical and very sensual editorial from Harper’s Bazaar Vietnam team. It reminded me scenes from some fairly tail or fantasy movie. Totally in love!!!! Everything seems just perfect: styling, lightning, photographer’s work and of course beautiful Cici Xiang. This is one of those inspirational editorials which makes me want to CREATE!!!!! Oh My! Going to my tailor next week, definitely will make something lacy/feminine/silky…..


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Favourite fashion decade

Of course, without any doubt it is 50’s. To me it is time of feminine silhouettes, full midi skirts and beautiful classy dresses. It’s all about bright colours, prints, trapeze lines, pearls, interesting hair accessories aaaand amazingly small waists ( I don’t even want to know how they achieved those results ). 50’s was a very beautiful decade when women were dressed as women!!!!


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Plaid coat

As planned, trying to add some colour to my winter closet. So less greys, blacks and browns this year! And actually I’m really proud of myself! I fell in love with this coat from the first sight, it looked so cosy. As almost all my latest purchases, this coat is from Korea. Maaaaan, I realised I’m really into Korean clothes – great alternative to Zara and H&M and plus they stylish and reasonably priced. Lately I’ve been spending there the way too much money!

I decided to complete the outfit with vintage bag from Chatuchak market in Bangkok and plaid scarf from a small store in Shanghai.

Hope you are enjoying your time! XOXO from Shanghai


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