It’s all about summer

Smart people say: “Start planning winter in summer”. For me it works both ways. I’m super excited about upcoming spring and summer so I already started to look for inspiration. This summer will be all about romantic and feminine looks, at least how I plan it to be…bright colours, lightweight good quality fabrics, but also wearable!!!  Next time I will go to fabric market I will definitely bring them these pictures of vintage dresses from The Metropolitan Museum of Art collections.

PicMonkey Collage1111


House of Dior, 1959

House of Dior 50s


House of Balenciaga, 50s

House of Balenciaga 50s


Madame Gres, 70s

Madame Gres from 70s


House of Dior 60’s



House of Balenciaga  60’s



Madame Gres



House of Balenciaga 60’s



Halston 1975


YSL 80’s



Madame Gres 70’s

PicMonkey Collage


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