NYFW inspired

It’s raining outside… Shanghai turned into a grey foggy mess. It’s exactly THAT kind of weather when you don’t even to roll out of your bed not talking about going somewhere!!! But somehow I find positive moments even in days like this:)  I’m drinking my super healthy spinach/avocado/blueberry smoothie and going through NYFW street style photos. So many great inspirational looks! I admire how those girls can rock those pinks, pastels, brights and bare feet in NY snow storms!!!

Currently inspired by all shades of pinks! A great way to cheer you up in winter dull weather! For a long time the image of pink was totally ruined by Barbie looks, Paris Hilton and glamorous divas, I should admit I didn’t realised pink can be styled in so many ways! What are your ways to complete your “pink” looks???


8 thoughts on “NYFW inspired

  1. Cheryl

    We just had that kind of day more than a week ago and I hardly got out of the flat maybe except to buy bread! I love the all the pink that they´re wearing but I can´t stand going out bare legged in the dead of winter moreso when there´s snowing. Oh for the sake of fashion some would do …

  2. Fashion Memos-Daisy

    Hey from rainy Denmark!
    Love the inspiration photos that you have picked from NYFW! i LOVE the trend with the pink coats now, I think it is a pretty cool way of spicing up your winter look and bringing some freshness! I love the NO2 coat, its a little long but they are also fashionable this season-it is both sporty and elegant depending on how you combine it with your outfit.

    Anyways, feel free to stop by http://www.fashionmemos.blogspot.com any time, it will be great to keep in touch and you are welcome to participate in my GIVEAWAY and add a new item by your choice for the new season!



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