Current inspiration: royal blue shoes!

I admit I got obsessed with royal/deep/electric or any shade of dark blue shoes after seeing these divine heels on Sarah Jessica Parker in “Sex and the City”

PicMonkey Collage777


They are perfect, aren’t they? You can wear these beauties with dresses, jeans and jackets, shorts and T-shirts and they still will look amazing!

But there are so much more!!!

Blue shoes for every day, for evening occasions and casual events; flats and heels, sandals and sneakers…



…and for those who prefer sporty style



…and some classy/fancy pairs



If you are in doubt, get some inspiration…bloggers do it

PicMonkey Collage111 PicMonkey Collage222 PicMonkey Collage555

…And celebrities do it. Combination of blue and white looks amazing and so refreshing!!!!!

PicMonkey Collage333 PicMonkey Collage444

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