Style inspiration…Cherry blossom girl

Sometimes it seems to me that Alix Bancourt, known as “Cherry Blossom Girl”, is not real. She is like one of the characters from “Alice in Wonderland” – magical ,whimsical, sometimes theatrical and so romantic. Alix is a true Parisian fashionista from head to toes, she is a great illustrator, she designs clothes and more than that Alix is a great photographer (self-taught).  For a lot of pastels, cute dresses, Charlotte Olympia shoes, true Parisian charm,  unexpected mixes and loads of great inspirational photos go to


A-Mercury-Girl-09 Arc-de-Triomphe-02 Asos-MIH-Louis-Vuitton-02 Blue-Monday-02 Carven-Paris-map-05 Cat-headband-01 Cherrys-delight-02 Cup-of-tea-03 Everywhere-05 Fly-me-to-the-moon-02 For-One-Moment-01 Hula-Hoop-02 Il-était-un-petit-navire-04 Its-Okay-My-Dear-021 Its-Okay-My-Dear-legs-dress-01 KA-POW-01 Kelsey-Genna-01 Kenzo-grapes-03 Ladybug-03 Le-temps-de-lamour-01 Losing-you-04 Mademoiselle-Tara-Sretsis-Malene-Birger-Carven-01 morning-glow-02 Over-the-rainbow-02 Phillip-Lim-01 Pink-Doors-041 Plaça-Reial-01 Polka-Dots-and-Moonbeams-05 Pont-Alexandre-III-03 Pussycat-Meow-08 Shoo-Shoo-Baby-01 springtime-girl-03 Tara-Jarmon-gold-03 Tara-Jarmon-White-Coat-01 The-Cherry-Blossom-Girl-Around-Harajuku-19 The-Cherry-Blossom-Girl-Moomin-café-Tokyo-19 The-Cherry-Blossom-Girl-Paule-Ka-04 The-Cherry-Blossom-Girl-Paule-Ka-08 The-Cherry-Blossom-Girl-Pinko-21 The-Cherry-Blossom-Girl-Pinko-23 The-Cherry-Blossom-Girl-Vivetta-Skirt-01 Tour-Eiffel-26 True-Colors-06 Valentino-+-miu-miu-02 Vivetta-Charlotte-Olympia-1 Vivetta-Pippo-Coat-11 watermelon-07

6 thoughts on “Style inspiration…Cherry blossom girl

  1. Kizzy @ The Dainty Dolls House

    She is super cute and very stylish…I do love her blog!! It’s nice to see blogs with a difference and a more magical stylish appeal rather than just ‘this is my outfit’ kind of thing!! I’d love to venture into her wardrobe 🙂 Thank you for visiting my blog doll, I hope you come again soon!! Have a gorgeous week ahead xx

    The Dainty Dolls House


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