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Style inspiration. Rosie Huntington-Whiteley

Rosie’s street style is just implacable. I’ve never seen even one disastrous look from her. I’m not sure if we should give credit to her stylist Cher Coulter or Rosie is one of those people when it doesn’t matter what she wears…she will still look great! One of the things I like about her is Rosie’s confidence ( or it’s just the matter of the right man who gives you confidence:) ). And I should say I admire that Rosie always looks very feminine and she manages to look romantic even in sneakers. Rosie’s style is very simple but yet it is so…polished. And…oh My, Rosie looks great in hats!!!

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Feeling like a lady

With blooming trees, great weather and the spirit of spring in the air it is sinful not to be happy, smile…smile all the time, smile to the strangers, smile to yourself looking in the mirror, smile while working and smile while resting… it is sinful not to wear dresses. And as a part of my New Year’s resolution I do try to be more smiley, complain less and…be more feminine and add romantic and classy notes to my outfit. I made this dress on fabric market got inspired by Ulyana Sergennko’s a-la Rus style. And you know what, wearing that dress I really feel different:)) Especially if the outfit is completed with vintage bag and Mango black heels.

Enjoy your spring lovelies. XOXO from Shanghai

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