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Spring fever.

Spring is a perfect opportunity to show off our romantic side and stop wearing jeans at least for some time ( myself included ). So, ladies, let’s enjoy fabulous weather, take advantage of it and embrace your sensuality.

Midi skirt, V-neckline blouse, wedge espadrilles and bright bag – this would be my kind of nice spring look with romantic notes. This would be a great outfit for brunch with friends or the visit of art gallery.


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The Cottage Cafe

Finding this cutest cafe literally made my day. It seems that doesn’t matter how much time you live in Shanghai, you won’t be able to visit all it’s cafes/restaurants/coffee houses. What is interesting, I saw The Cottage Cafe every so many times, but somehow thought it’s just a shop. But, turns out, it’s much much more!



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Into the greens

Green is the colour of life, it is the colour of new beginnings and balance. Frankly speaking I never paid a lot of attention to green things, whether it’s clothing, accessories or interior decorations. It’s just lately I came to conclusion that green really calms me down. So lately I’ve been inspired by all shades of green. And what is a universal source of green but not Nature!!! And honestly, to me nature is the best fashion colours combinator! But there is so much more…



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Bohemian rhapsody!

Just to be clear..from Wikipedia “Boho-chic is a style of female fashion drawing on various bohemian and hippie influences, which, at its height in 2004–05, was associated particularly with actress Sienna Miller and model Kate Moss in England and (as “bobo” chic) actresses Mary-Kate Olsen and Nicole Richie in the United States.

PicMonkey Collage898

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