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Fashion Gulliver!

It’s one of those cases when the work of the model/photographer/stylist is just perfect! Thanks to it we can see an amazing story created by a photographer Cara O’Dowd. To me this magical and whimsical editorial is something between “Mars attacks”, “Gulliver” and “Alice in Wonderland”. Orange haired Grace dazzles in vibrant outfits with a retro vibe: bright lips, quirky accessories, great amount of colours and prints! Great idea and great collaboration definitely make this editorial one of the most memorable I’ve seen! Well done!



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Summer Top 10

It can be a little be hard to look stylish when outside is almost +40C. Yes, yes….summers in Shanghai can be that hot.  And I usually end up going outside in shorts, tank tops, flipflops and of course makeup-less…So this summer I chose my Top 10 items which can help us to look incredible no matter how hot it is outside.



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I want

Guess what, it is a new month and it is a perfect time for another “I want” post.  I really do believe in Koelho’s theory of materialisation: if you want something, think about it, materialise it and the whole Universe will help you to make this wish come true. So here am I …wishing and wanting:)

PicMonkey Collage01

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This what happens when a lot of free time happens:)) I had the whole morning and afternoon free last Sunday so decided to walk around Shanghai and take some photos with my friend and amazing photographer Vladimir Andriychuk. I finally decided to start my “Asian inspired” outfits posts. After living in China for so long I’ve became really interested in Asian fashion and I truly fell in love in certain pieces of traditional Asian fashion like kimonos and qipaos. This kimono is from one of the taobao stores, it gives the certain sophistication to even the most simple and casual look.

More photos are coming soon:) XOXO from Shanghai

PicMonkey Collage


Polka dot inspiration

I have to admit that polka dot is definitely one of my favourite prints. It is like a chameleon, can be so different: girly, romantic, classy or even extravagant. Polka dots can be combined well with other prints, i personally love polka dots+stripes and polka dots+florals. My love with this print started with old photos of vintage polka dot dresses and pin-up photos. Polka dots were loved then and even now there is plenty of inspiration on our streets. What do you say?


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