Fashion Gulliver!

It’s one of those cases when the work of the model/photographer/stylist is just perfect! Thanks to it we can see an amazing story created by a photographer Cara O’Dowd. To me this magical and whimsical editorial is something between “Mars attacks”, “Gulliver” and “Alice in Wonderland”. Orange haired Grace dazzles in vibrant outfits with a retro vibe: bright lips, quirky accessories, great amount of colours and prints! Great idea and great collaboration definitely make this editorial one of the most memorable I’ve seen! Well done!



50-foot-woman-cara-odowd2 50-foot-woman-cara-odowd3 50-foot-woman-cara-odowd4 50-foot-woman-cara-odowd5 50-foot-woman-cara-odowd6 50-foot-woman-cara-odowd7 50-foot-woman-cara-odowd8 50-foot-woman-cara-odowd9 50-foot-woman-cara-odowd10 50-foot-woman-cara-odowd11

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