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It can be a little be hard to look stylish when outside is almost +40C. Yes, yes….summers in Shanghai can be that hot.  And I usually end up going outside in shorts, tank tops, flipflops and of course makeup-less…So this summer I chose my Top 10 items which can help us to look incredible no matter how hot it is outside.



1. Lace shorts are a great change to denim or cotton shorts to create romantic and feminine looks in summer.

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2. Tribal earrings. You can complete with them even the most simple look and be sure you won’t be unnoticeable!

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3. Floral dress. Pair it with sandals, pumps, flip flops, wedges, flats and even biker boots. Don’t be afraid to be different!


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4. Floppy hat. Stylish and great way to protect ourselves from bright summer.

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5. Vivid wedges as a great alternative to heels. I can run in wedges the whole day and feel super comfy, can’t say the same about heels.


6. Quirky sunnies. I have to admit that sunglasses is my favourite way to style a look, they are perfect accessory!

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7. Beach bag for city adventures.  Why not?

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8. Bright lipstick might be the only thing you need to change from day look to “ready to party” mood or simply use it to brighten your everyday routine.

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9. Nautical bracelet. Lately I’m really into nautical trend and plan to buy a couple of those bracelets for my simple tank top-shorts-sandals outfits.

d01e22f4300e6e81373be20815c9bff6 PicMonkey Collage2

10. Printed scarf. I always have one in my bag just in case it’s getting chilly. The brighter the better!

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