I want

Guess what, it is a new month and it is a perfect time for another “I want” post.  I really do believe in Koelho’s theory of materialisation: if you want something, think about it, materialise it and the whole Universe will help you to make this wish come true. So here am I …wishing and wanting:)

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1. I want

Charlotte Olympia heels. To me they seems the most romantic shoes ever created!

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2. I want

…and I’m totally ready (after hours and hours in gym) for a summer dress with open back! Still didn’t find the perfect one so ( fabric market is waiting for me:) ) going to have one tailored!

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3. I want

and…Ohh God…I really need it..to learn how to PACK and TRAVEL LIGHT!!

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4. I want

a cute beach bag. Like to go to the beach with style:)

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5. I want

a red bag. Such a sophisticated accessory as a red purse will make any outfit completed!

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6. I want

to travel and never stop exploring new places. I’m sure all travellers know this feeling you get after visiting a new place! It’s unforgettable!

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7. I want

a long vest or how it is sometimes called sleeveless coat. With wide pants and a plain top it will be my great end-of-the-summer outfit.

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8. I want

unbelievably feminine and romantic floral dress.

PicMonkey Collage8

9. I want

to try macaroons in Paris. Honestly I’m not a big fan of macaroons and I’m still sure that it is just a long lasting trend, but agree that Paris and macaroons does sound like a perfect combination!:)

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10. I want

to add a touch of yellow to my closet, especially for summer season.

PicMonkey Collage10

11. I want

noooo…I desire..to lay somewhere on the beach and I have no idea when will be our next beach vacation!

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