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Something to remember…Vogue Paris Paris November 1993

Unbelievable, but this editorial was created more than 20 years ago. Linda Evangelista posed for Karl Lagerfeld in an amazing “Blanc Riviera” photo shoot on on pages of Vogue Paris pages.  An exceptional styling, even the smallest details seem to be in harmony with the whole set. So, here we are, enjoy!


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Dreams in pictures. My perfect cottage house

We all dream, we all hope, we all desire. I really think that dreams sometimes help us to leave and just to stay afloat.  As it is said: “All our dreams can come true, if we have the courage to pursue them. Walt Disney” I do dream about peace, health, happiness, I dream about all the people becoming a little bit more kind! I also have more material dreams.  Just imagine cute and charming cottage house surrounded with a beautiful garden with fruit trees and flowers. It has a big terrace with a dining place, a lot of rustic and boho details, light and big bedroom, fireplace in the living room, library with a lot of books and a lot of wooden pieces… my dream cottage house


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Preview #2

Actually even I can’t wait to see the rest of the photos. I started the series of “This what happens when a lot of free time happens” photos:))) Last time it happened in one of my favourite areas in Shanghai – the Bund! “Too touristy!!!” – you say!!!! I say: “Come there on weekend at 8am and you will be truly amazed by the absence of crowds”. That’s when you can really enjoy the scenery! So, more photos are coming soon:) XOXO from Shanghai



Photo by Vladimir Andriychuk

It’s all about sandals

Seems like this summer I live in a season when Birkenstocks rule the world. Seriously, they  (ok…and their fakes) are everywhere: markets, streets, magazines, Internet. And the matter is not that I don’t like them that much, Birkenstocks do not look very ….hmm….feminine and aesthetic. I AM for comfy shoes in summer, but I think there is a great variety of great choices. I chose my top sandals for this summer. Just be creative and don’t follow the trends blindly:)




And as always here is my street style inspiration for choosing the right pair of sandals:)

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