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Helmut Newton’s women

Helmut Newton has always been a great inspiration to me, the way he saw the world through his photo camera is simply outstanding. Provocative and sensual, black n white portraits by Helmut Newton are much more then just photos. That is a real life captured in moments. Helmut Newton is probably one of the most controversial and talented photographers of all times. Women seen through his lenses are bold and sophisticated, seems they are breathing with erotica. The absence of bright colours is another good reason to look at the essence.




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80’s fashion queen

I consider myself to be 90’s girl: I grew up in the age of “Backstreet boys” and “Spice girls”, huge cell-phones and pagers, “Titanic” and Disney shows. Life was adventurous and fun, fashion was …. horrible. Honestly, I grew up thinking how much I dislike those cheesy outfits.

But 80’s fashion on the other hand was always a mystery to me. Though I was born in 80’s, I considered fashion of that decade to be a dark period of 20th century…..And then I saw her, Madonna singing live on one of her concerts, it was a love at first sight. This is how I got my 80’s fashion queen and life lasting inspiration. Lace glows, headbands, religious jewellery, high waist jeans, crazy hair, cropped tops, natural charisma and exposed sexuality – Madonna truly became a face of 80’s. She wanted to conquer the world and she did it!

Would you dare to try one of those looks?:)

P.S. And those eyebrows!!!!! ( Sorry Cara, you always be the second one ).


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Ulyana Sergeenko F/W 2014.

I was very excited to see Ulyana’s latest collection which was presented during Paris Haute Couture Week. With her every show, Ulyana Sergeenko takes us on a new journey to a different decade of Mother Russia’s history. Every time it’s like a small trip to a fairy tale…but this season everything looked so different: atmosphere, decorations, the whole idea of the collection. Ulyana brings us back to the first years of 20th century, which were not the happiest years in the history of Russia. Fall/Winter 2014 collection seems very diverse and naturalistic. I wasn’t really expecting to see a model in a long leather officer coat, but nevertheless this collection is very beautiful: exquisite details, amazing embroideries, luxurious fabrics. Bravo Ulyana!


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Instagrammers for new Marc by Marc Jacobs campaign.

Marc Jacobs made a great move casting his new Marc by Marc Jacobs campaign on Instagram and Twitter. Everyone could post a photo with a hashtag #CastMeMarc to become part of a new Fall/Winter 2014 campaign. Thousands of people from all over the world took part. So what do we get: fresh faces, interesting concept and more than 70000 photos on Instagram. Thumbs up! Social platforms truly is a new power!!!


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