It’s all about sandals

Seems like this summer I live in a season when Birkenstocks rule the world. Seriously, they  (ok…and their fakes) are everywhere: markets, streets, magazines, Internet. And the matter is not that I don’t like them that much, Birkenstocks do not look very ….hmm….feminine and aesthetic. I AM for comfy shoes in summer, but I think there is a great variety of great choices. I chose my top sandals for this summer. Just be creative and don’t follow the trends blindly:)




And as always here is my street style inspiration for choosing the right pair of sandals:)

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4 thoughts on “It’s all about sandals

  1. Eline

    I do really like birkenstocks, but you’re right that they’re not very feminine at all haha. Love the black nasty gal sandals you picked!

  2. Mira

    Wow those are amazing sandal inspirations. I love your your picks and yes these ones look better than the Birkenstocks 😀



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