Something to remember…Vogue Paris Paris November 1993

Unbelievable, but this editorial was created more than 20 years ago. Linda Evangelista posed for Karl Lagerfeld in an amazing “Blanc Riviera” photo shoot on on pages of Vogue Paris pages.  An exceptional styling, even the smallest details seem to be in harmony with the whole set. So, here we are, enjoy!


vogue_paris_november_1993_linda_evangelista_02 vogue_paris_november_1993_linda_evangelista_03 vogue_paris_november_1993_linda_evangelista_04 vogue_paris_november_1993_linda_evangelista_05 vogue_paris_november_1993_linda_evangelista_06 vogue_paris_november_1993_linda_evangelista_07 vogue_paris_november_1993_linda_evangelista_08 vogue_paris_november_1993_linda_evangelista_09 vogue_paris_november_1993_linda_evangelista_10


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