One of the most influential and talented designers of last century, whose creations inspire even nowadays designers. Who is he?



Cristobal Balenciaga – the founder of the Balenciaga house.  His impact on fashion is truly profound!

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1. Cristobal was born in a little village in Spain in 1895.

2. “Balenciaga cut his first coat when he was six years old,” his friend Hubert de Givenchy later says. “He found a piece of fabric and decided to make a coat for his cat. . . . But the cat kept moving and Balenciaga became more and more frustrated. That could have been his first lesson in making clothes for people who moved.”

3. Balenciaga was a skilful tailor who was respected by all his colleagues. Actually his cut is now considered legendary!

4. Cristobal wasn’t a public person and only gave one full interview in his life.

5. He taught fashion design classes, inspiring other designers such as Oscar de la RentaAndré CourrègesEmanuel UngaroMila Schön and Hubert de Givenchy.

6. With the hourglass shape that was promoted at those times by Christian Dior, Balenciaga’s designs looked fresh and so different.

7. Cristobal respected those who knew what they want and what suits them.

8. Balenciaga’s fashion shows were truly masterpieces! Vogue editor-in-chief Diana Vreeland said  “One fainted. It was possible to blow up and die.”

9. Balenciaga closed his house in 1968 at the age of 74 after working in Paris for 30 years. He decided to retire and closed his fashion houses in Paris, Barcelona and Madrid.

10. Balenciaga died March 23, 1972 in Xàbia, Spain.

Here are some of the amazing Balenciaga’s designs.

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