I want

I want peace, I want more smiles around, I want to take rest and travel, I want puppies!!! I want burgundy heels and a bow blouse and something more. What do you want?

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With all the things happening in the world now …

I want peace!!!!!!! I want people to be nice to each other!!! Live and let others live!


I want

people to smile more often: smile for a reason and without it, smile by yourselves and make other people smile…smile and it will make you happier!

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I want

puppies!! Ok, at least one. I guess I just need to take care of something or someone:)

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I want

long hair!!! And I do realise it ain’t happening in the nearest future:( I tried to rock side braid with my hair…didn’t work though. But I will wait:)

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I want

to walk those small streets in Cannes…and who knows…it might happen this autumn:))

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I want

a pair of burgundy heels. As autumn approaching, I’m becoming all into emeralds, electric blues and reds.

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I want

more mirrors. Love the idea of putting mirrors of different size on the wall together.

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I want

to spend more time with my friends!!! But it’s becoming more and more hard to achieve as we all live in different countries.

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I want

to spend at least one day a month with my super soft pillows, my favourite book and a lot of tea with lemon, honey and ginger!!!

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I want

a bow blouse.  Already imagine myself pairing it with skinny jeans and flats, pencil skirts and heels or flare pants and platforms!

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