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Girl of the month. Sarah Harris

Sarah Harris is a British Vogue fashion director and she is undoubtedly one of the most stylish and powerful women in fashion industry. I love the absence of bright colours and prints. Wearing neutrals, black, grey and blue  shades (actually a lot of blue), Sarah always looks classy and graceful but also simple at the same time. I’m always amazed by the way how often she wears jeans to fashion shows and still manages to look so elegant and appropriate. And, as Sarah claims, she has about 90 pairs of jeans:) I love women with their signature looks and Sarah is one of them: sophisticated shoes, jeans and (mostly) dark, simple but chic top.

And if you are wondering about Sarah’s hair….she went completely grey when she was a teen.  And since then Sarah decided to keep it this way and what can I say, she looks beyond gorgeous!


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Style inspiration. Jessica Alba

I think Jessica is one of those people whose style is very simple but significant. Doesn’t matter if she is rocking boyfriend jeans, midi skirt or maxi dress, Jessica always manages to look stylish and perfectly up-to-the-minute. To me, Jessica is a queen of street style among celebrities. And the fact that she is running a successful business, she is a great mother and wife, actress and model, makes it even more appealing.   Interesting, that after seeing Jessica, I fell in love with summer scarves and blazer/denim looks. What do you say?

XOXO from Shanghai

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Picca Dilly dress

Feeling romantic today. Actually it was one of those days when you don’t want to leave your apartment…just to stay on the sofa for the whole day, read books about love and drink tea with ginger. Haha…it didn’t happen this way, I spent a day visiting my friends in Suzhou Creek (somehow I start loving that district!!!). At least I decided to express my mood in the clothes I wear: my super comfy Picca Dilly dress, super cute but not so comfy espadrille wedge sandals from Korea and bucket bag from local brand. What can I say, a day with friends is always a great day!!!



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