About people and clothes they wear…

I like to observe, I like to watch people. Sometimes I like to sit outside in a small cafe with a cup of coffee and just look around…. And you know what, I started to label…label people and clothes they wear.


There are fashion freaks…don’t get me wrong, “freaks” – in the good meaning of this word. People who challenge fashion, people who are different.

Fashion victims. People who follow trends blindly and just loose their personalities. People who don’t understand that if other people are wearing something, so it doesn’t mean it’s going to look nice on you.

Fashion Artists. That small amount of people who express themselves with clothes they wear. They always stand out from the crowd.

People who simply DON’T CARE. They wear clothes just not to be naked, but not to say something with their clothes. They usually don’t thing a lot about what to wear and just grab the first thing in the morning.

People who CAN’T or people who HAVE TO. They can’t wear what they want because their job, climate, community, appearance,…

Who are you???

XOXO from Shanghai

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