I want

I want to try to think less and enjoy the moment; I want to try a monochrome look and find my perfect culottes, I want chocolate brownies and a camel coat, I want to visit vintage shops in Paris, I want …

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I want…

culottes. They are perfect!

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I want…

to enjoy every moment of my life. Sometimes I just need to act more with my heart.



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I want…

to try a monochrome look. They always look so cool on the street style pictures and I think autumn is a perfect season to try one of them.

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I want…

a house at the beach, where you can meet sunsets on the terrace sipping wine and watching sea. Sounds perfect, doesn’t it?

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I want…

this autumn was special! I want this autumn to change everything for better!

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I want…

to master a art of layering!

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I want…

walk-able…and I will notice again WALK-ABLE high heeled boots. Is it even possible?

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I want….

a chocolate brownie or even two:) This is a perfect dessert!

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I want…

a camel Max Mara-ish coat. It always look fabulous no matter how you complete your look.

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I want…

to shop vintage in Paris:)

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