Girl of the month. Blair Eadie

Blair is one of my biggest fashion inspirations ever. Every time so different, but always true to her style, Blair manages to create posh but somehow laid-back looks all the time. She is my queen of prints and accessories! I stopped reading a lot of fashion blogs as with the time they became too hmmm… fancy and less inspirational. I don’t want to see endless high fashion brands, I need something I can use in an everyday life!!! Blair on the other hand seems to have an everlasting source of great ideas. Thumbs up!


AnnTaylor_BlairEadie_CAFE__63C5337-FINAL BASIC 3 BB 4 BW 7 CIRCUS 3 COAT EYE 3 F 4 FINAL FINAL STRIPE 4 copy insta 826 17 KateSpade_BlairEadie_BIKE_63C5187-FINAL photo-3 PIPERLIME 1 PIPERLIME 2 POODLE RWB 8 SPARK 5 sweater 1 TGIF WS3A0365 WS3A0873 WS3A1463 WS3A2234 WS3A2632 WS3A2774 WS3A2964 WS3A3113 WS3A6158 WS3A7511 WS3A8156 WS3A8705 WS3A8955 WS3A9364 WS3A9441 WS3A9654 WS3A9713

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