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Who are style icons? Are they even real or just a smart marketing and PR? I don’t remember reading any fashion magazine which didn’t mention al least one paragraph about style or fashion icons. If you or your friends adore someone’s style, is it right to name that person a style or fashion icon? Audrey Hepburn? Coco Chanel? Kate Moss or Brigitte Bardot? Grace Kelly? Bianca Jagger? Who are real style icons?



I’m sure that we all have our own interpretation of this phrase. To me style icon is a person who left an impact on fashion and brought her or his unique eye on style to the masses. Fashion innovators who challenge the usual proclaimed traditions!!! Remember how Madonna shocked people in 80’s or Coco Chanel turning fashion to a different way or Iris Apfel who is still a style icon being 91!!!

Nowadays with all the stylists’s job it is hard to say who is a real style icon..Rihanna? Taylor Swift? Is it her them or their stylists who are creating looks for celebrities? Who can we name  a STYLE ICON? Anyway, I couldn’t stay away from this question and created my own list of style icons. Here it is:

1. Elegant and classy Greta Garbo who was always surrounded by veil of mystery and irresistible charisma.

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2. Madonna is a true style chameleon who has been dazzling and keeping the entire world’s attention since early 80’s.


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3. Audrey’s perfect style was a mix of the inner beauty and graceful stylish looks. She knew what looked good on her and she knew how to wear clothes and always stay yourself.

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4. Iris Apfel. Legendary woman whose style is truly iconic. She wears prints and oversized jewellery like no one else! She isn’t afraid to be bold and it works for her!

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5. Feminine or boyish, Jane Birkin is an epitome of effortless French chic. I simply adore Jane’s laid-back bohemian looks!

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Who inspire you and who influence your style?

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  1. Eline

    I read an article about style icons last month, where they fully explained when people become an ‘icon’, which was very interesting! I think you made a great selection!


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