She has an aristocratic blood and is perfect example of true Parisian effortless chic and has been Karl Lagerfeld’s muse in 80’s. She published a book “Parisian Chic: Style guide” and created A/W 2014 collection for Uniqlo. Who is she?


This is the name you should definitely remember – Ines de la Fressange. A real example of very French elegance and truly immaculate style. And here are 7 things you should know about Ines:

1. She started her modelling career in 1975.

2. Ines was Karl Lagerfeld’s muse in 80’s.

3. Ines de la Fressange is known for her no-heels looks during formal and red carpet events.

4. Ines likes to look for inspiration on Pinterest!!!

5. Turns out Ines is a huge fan of Roger Vivier slippers. She is a brand ambassador of RV.

6. Ines modelled for Chanel S/S 2011 catwalk show ( after almost 20 years absence ).

7. And at last, some fashion wisdom from Ines : “What I have learned over the years is that bad taste and accidents make fashion.” What can I say?? Can’t agree more!

Ines modelling for Chanel:

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Bits of true French chic style:

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And last but not least: ten ways to dress like a Parisian…



Photos from pinterest.com, beautyandthedirt.com, butterboom.com, workandplayblog.com

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