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Style crush: Caroline Sieber

Caroline Sieber is a true fashion aesthete with a fresh eye on fashion. Her unique and (I’m not afraid to say it) perfect looks always end up in best-dressed lists. No wonder! If you are struggling with ideas on how to bring the newest fashion trend into life, look at Caroline, she surely already did it in a best way! Not to mention that she was styling Emma Watson and Emma, in my point of view, is one of the most stylish celebrities of young generation.

For more inspiration check Caroline’s Instagram account 

XOXO! From Shanghai with love


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Frozen fairy tale by Michael Beloglazoff

Having photographer as your friend means getting instant portions of inspiration from his work! I know Mike for more than five years and it’s been truly amazing to watch his professional transformation. I totally love Mike’s set of mind: creative, controversial and innovative. He knows what he wants and his works always depict his dedication. One of my favourite Mike’s works is Frozen fairy tale editorial produced by Mike and Demen Wu. Love everything about this editorial starting from background and light setting and finishing make-up and styling! Thumbs up!


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Through the years

I think you will agree that Vogue Is a fashion bible. We read it from cover to cover, cut out the pictures to put on our mood boards, try to memorise all the information and new names. We are patiently waiting for the new issue and we are carefully storing our most favourite editions to re-read from time to time when we are seeking inspiration….at least me:) I mostly read US Vogue, but truly love editorials from Vogue Paris and read British Vogue from time to time. I loved loved loved the cover of US Vogue January 2015  with Sienna Miller! The first thought that came to me was “It’s so 70’s!!!”, then I searched what was the cover in 1975 – beautiful Lauren Hutton!!! So then it was just the matter of time to find covers of 1945, 1955, 1965, 1985, 1995 and 2005!



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I want

I was looking through all my “I want” posts and it just occurred to me that many of the wishes actually came true! It is unbelievably pleasant to realise that my every month wishlist is helping me to step closer to my dreams or just small desires:) I have this feeling that 2015 will be very challenging but rewarding year, but for now here are my wishes…

PicMonkey Collage

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