I want

I was looking through all my “I want” posts and it just occurred to me that many of the wishes actually came true! It is unbelievably pleasant to realise that my every month wishlist is helping me to step closer to my dreams or just small desires:) I have this feeling that 2015 will be very challenging but rewarding year, but for now here are my wishes…

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I want 

to take a bath with a view. It’s going to be a relaxation multiplied by 1000!!!


I want

to live in a building with cute little balconies surrounded by plants. It looks incredibly calming and cosy!


I want

a pug … or even better two! Aren’t they the cutest dogs ever:)


I want

a great cut wide leg pants. They seems to be perfect for every body type and there are hundreds of fun ways to style them!


I want

a caftan. I’m just obsessed with 70’s style. I’m sure caftans are going to be major this summer! And by the way they are just a perfect beach cover-up!


I want

a house with a perfect reading area near the fireplace!


I want

to DIY! I feel super creative this year! Hope soon I will show you my results!


I want

PEACE!!!! Everywhere. For everyone!


I want

to read more books, to re-read old favourite books, to get inspiration from the books. I was fascinated by books since my early childhood. I remember like with every page my imagination brought me to magic lands where I lived through all the adventures with the characters of the book. I simply don’t want to loose this magic!


I want

to insert a little bit of fringe in my outfits!


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