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Throwback Friday. 70’s fever

I was planning this post as THROWBACK THURSDAY, but due to my laptop’s ability to crash at the least expected moment, I have to finish on Friday. I feel that throwback posts will become a good tradition as without our past there is no future!

Big sunnies and even bigger hair, platforms and clogs, wide leg pants and caftans, Cher and Sonny,  Diana Ross and Bianca Jagger, Jane Birkin and Debbie Harry, disco and hippies!! Oh My, it was a crazy decade, not my favourite fashion-wise, but totally worth remembering it and getting inspired. So, today is 70’s throwback Thursday or..Friday!!!

70's fever


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Bicycle chic.

I like to ride my bicycle, I actually even enjoy it. Especially that in Shanghai it is more convenient to be on your two wheels than four…traffic jams can be horrible! Frankly speaking I got re-inspired to ride bicycle after my trip to France, after I got convinced that it is really possible to do it with a style. And next 10 looks is just another proof !


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Orange is the new black

I really feel that orange is a highly underestimated colour, especially in the spring time. Usually spring palette is about neutral, pastel fresh colours, but what can be better rocking bright orange among soft pinks, blues or mints.  I’m extremely excited that “tangerine orange” shade  was included as one of the S/S 2015 main colours by, so hopefully this spring will be bright and vibrant! What can I say, embrace colour!


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Rosie …who??? or the new designer crush

No…no…no… not Huntington Whiteley. It’s Rosie Assoulin and she is a new name on a fashion horizon. She is just one extraordinary designer. Rosie first presented her collection last year but she already gained a lot of fans among celebrities and fashionistas. She is one of those designers when you see their creations, you know for sure who made it! No one does layering like Rosie, not to mention how sculptural and statement-making her masterpieces are! Not so long ago she presented her S/S 2015 collection and it is simply glamorous!!! I can’t wait to see her creations on Red Carpet events as they sure deserve a spotlight!!!



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Girl of the month. Tina Sizonova

This Ukrainian beauty with the most gorgeous hair ever is my latest fashion inspiration! Tina is a stylist, personal shopper and a fashion blogger from Kiev. Love Tina’s style for affordable and “wearable”  looks, she shows a great way to style the latest trends! From the other hand Tina isn’t afraid to take fashion chances and she never fails!! You need to have a thick “fashion” skin to rock the looks that you like but others might not understand!! You go, Tina!!!!

For more great and inspirational looks go to

But enough words, enjoy and get inspired!


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