Bicycle chic.

I like to ride my bicycle, I actually even enjoy it. Especially that in Shanghai it is more convenient to be on your two wheels than four…traffic jams can be horrible! Frankly speaking I got re-inspired to ride bicycle after my trip to France, after I got convinced that it is really possible to do it with a style. And next 10 looks is just another proof !


1. Add a masculine vibe to your on-go outfit. It is always a fashion statement!



2. Try ponchos, they are super comfy in a bicycle ride. And super chic.




3. Riding your bike in a cold season and looking nice at the same time is possible and this lady totally proves it!



4. Match your outfit to a colour of your bike!



5. Long shirt dress+bike=comfy and stylish ride.



6. Do it like Audrey, ride a bicycle with classy mood: cropped pants, cute top, ย flats and headscarf.


7. Midi skater skirt and sneakers! YES!!!




8. Riding bicycle at any age and totally rocking it!!!


9. Cute summer dress is totally worth of trying when you will ride your bicycle next time.



10. High waist skinny pants will always be comfy and you can play a lot with tops and accessories!




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4 thoughts on “Bicycle chic.

  1. Eline

    As a dutch person i can’t disagree; riding a bicycle is the best thing! Although i wouldnt recommend wearing such a short summer dress as above, unless you like marilyn monroe occasions ๐Ÿ˜‰


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