50 and fabulous

Sarah Jessica Parker turned 50… and she is more fabulous than ever! Just couple of days ago I finished re-watching Sex and the City and I can’t stop thinking how intellectually sexual Sarah is. Playing Carrie made Sarah a true fashion icon and no one can argue with that. I literally can describe each and every Carrie’s outfit even with my eyes closed! But today let’s talk about Sarah’s everyday style.  She is effortlessly cool, she prefers comfort over stylishness and looks simply adorable. But nevertheless Sarah always shines on red carpet events.  And my next post will be definitely about most memorable Sarah’s red carpet moments, but for now let’s look at her everyday looks. What do you say?




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3 thoughts on “50 and fabulous

  1. Eline

    Sarah her outfits aren’t always on point in my opinion, but in general she looks fabulous! Hopefully i’ll still look like that as well when turning 50!


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