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Another month is here, so it means it’s time to share with you my wants, desires and needs! And frankly speaking, there is a lot of them! So ,without any further words, here we are:

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1. It’s becoming hotter and hotter and we really enjoy the weather thinking about approaching summer and long sunny days. That’s exactly why I want silk wide leg floral pants to survive summer heat!!!

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2. I want to swim with dolphins. It just seems like an amazing experience and hope I will try it at least once in my lifetime!

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3. I want and I desperately need to change surrounding! I just need to stop being afraid of changes and we’ll see where life leads me!

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4. I want to try 70’s style. I simply adore short trapeze skirts!

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5. I want to swing! And now every time when I pass by a playground, I have these uncontrollable urges to jump on the swing and …swing:))) Will prefer to do it somewhere with a view though:)

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6. I want fruits! A lot of them!! Pomegranates, mangoes, papayas, sweet melons, dragon fruits!!

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7. It took me a while to realise the difference between macarons and macaroons. So, after all,  I want macarons, the good ones:)!!!

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8. I want a cute little garden on a cute little terrace. I want to enjoy there cool evenings with a glass of wine, wrapped in a blanket.

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9. I want to bring some accents of bohemian style in my interior. Boho seems to be super effortlessly cool!

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10. I want cute comfy flats for spring! Somehow black classy ones seem a little boring.

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