Spring inspiration: windows

Who doesn’t dream about a place with huge windows and perfect view??? Well, admit, we all do. And…what a coincidence, lately I’ve unleashed my inner interior obsessed freak and became passionately occupied with decorating, redecorating, rearranging my place. It’s like a puzzle – just put all the pieces together, and so far, the only piece that is missing in my puzzle is big windows which will lighten the whole place and set the right mood. So, every time when I see a place or even a picture with big windows, I literally start drooling!

Do big or small windows matter  for you? What are your interior obsessions? Share with us:)

XOXO from Shanghai




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Photos from viewfrom5ft2.com, pinterest.com, bloodandchampagne.com,  skinet.com, architecture-view.com, thestylesaloniste.com

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