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Duro Olowu Fall RTW 2015

Nigerian-born and London-based designer Duro Olowu keeps blowing our minds away with his signature prints and the way he mixes them. I’ve been following his career for 2 years and I can say that Duro never disappoints. His collections capture people’s attention by a fabulous colours and bold patterns mixes. Fall RTW collection is definitely about re-inventing the ways to wear prints and it is breathtaking!!!! This is something I want to see on the streets!!! But no more words, enjoy!

PicMonkey Collagenm

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I want

Blogging in China is really challenging, with all the bans and blocks it makes it quiet hard to work. But, well, it’s good to know people who can fix things!!!! I missed blogging a lot and it is such a pleasure to say “I’m back!!!!”. I’m back with the monthly¬† post about my wants and desires. Here we go….

PicMonkey Collage

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Van Gogh Alive in Shanghai

It was worth every single RMB of the ticket price ( and that price is as high as 110RMB!!!!! which is a lot!!! ). Van Gogh Alive exhibition in Shanghai tells us a story of Vincent’s works through the huge screens depicting his masterpieces. I decided to go there in the morning and it was definitely a right decision. There were less people, so I decided to sit on one of the cushions on the floor and just…. Enjoyed the view!!! The atmosphere was unforgettable, feeling the artist’s strokes around you is a very inspirational sensation. It wasn’t the same as seeing Van Gogh’s genuine works, but I highly recommend this exhibition to all those art hungry people in Shanghai who doesn’t think that 110RMB price tag for pictures on screens is a little too much.

XOXO from Shanghai


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