Duro Olowu Fall RTW 2015

Nigerian-born and London-based designer Duro Olowu keeps blowing our minds away with his signature prints and the way he mixes them. I’ve been following his career for 2 years and I can say that Duro never disappoints. His collections capture people’s attention by a fabulous colours and bold patterns mixes. Fall RTW collection is definitely about re-inventing the ways to wear prints and it is breathtaking!!!! This is something I want to see on the streets!!! But no more words, enjoy!

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duro-olowu-001-1366 duro-olowu-002-1366 duro-olowu-003-1366 duro-olowu-004-1366 duro-olowu-005-1366 duro-olowu-006-1366 duro-olowu-007-1366 duro-olowu-008-1366 duro-olowu-009-1366 duro-olowu-010-1366 duro-olowu-011-1366 duro-olowu-012-1366 duro-olowu-013-1366 duro-olowu-014-1366 duro-olowu-015-1366 duro-olowu-016-1366 duro-olowu-017-1366 duro-olowu-018-1366 duro-olowu-019-1366 duro-olowu-020-1366 duro-olowu-021-1366 duro-olowu-022-1366 duro-olowu-023-1366 duro-olowu-024-1366 duro-olowu-025-1366 duro-olowu-026-1366 duro-olowu-027-1366

6 thoughts on “Duro Olowu Fall RTW 2015

  1. glamdevils

    I really enjoy the collection and I would love to see it on the streets too. That green dress (second pic) is my favorite. Wish it were mine 😀 Happy Saturday sweetheart!



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