I want

Blogging in China is really challenging, with all the bans and blocks it makes it quiet hard to work. But, well, it’s good to know people who can fix things!!!! I missed blogging a lot and it is such a pleasure to say “I’m back!!!!”. I’m back with the monthly  post about my wants and desires. Here we go….

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I want

a high waist bikini. I don’t know why but I’m sure it’s going to look gorgeous on me! And it has this irresistible vintage vibe!!!





I want

to have coffee with a view and doesn’t matter where is it going to be, I just want a great view, great coffee and some rest!






I want

to go to the SPA or the right words to say will be: “I desperately need to go to the SPA”. Imagine the whole day of relaxation, massages and facials. Just what doctor orders!!!:)



I want

to try new salads recipes. I’m incredibly tired of playing on the safe side and cooking only those dishes that I actually can make really good! It’s time to try something new!



I want

20’s inspired LBD! Lately I’m very obsessed with 20’s style and looking for some 20’s inspired silhouettes!


I want

to start playing with my hair. In one of “I want”  posts from last year I wrote that I dream about long hair. Well, i have it now so it’s time to do something with it!


I want

to insert more nudes and neutrals in my outfits. Usually those are not the shades I would prefer to wear, but …why not??? I’m always opened for options!


I want

more patterns in my apartment. I’ve been always afraid of mixing n matching when it comes to interior design, but I’m definitely willing to try now!


I want

boho inspired necklaces. Just because they are super cool!


I want

CHOCOLATE!!!! A lot of it!!!!


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